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Meet Our Founder

Our passion for creating meaningful change for clients is what sets us apart. At Emerald Literary Agency our Founder and our staff believe in our craft, and it truly shows in all of our work. Our team works tirelessly to ensure your success. We are shaping the way our clients and their stories connect with the world


Debra Rodman

Founder of Emerald Literary Agency

Debra Rodman is a Literary Agent, Screenwriter, Songwriter, Poet, Producer, Published Author,  Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Philanthropist. Representing established and debut writers of fiction, non-fiction, film, and television, Debra founded the Emerald Literary Agency in 1996. 

Prior to that she was a Literary Agent with David Vigliano of AGI Vigliano Literary LLC. She worked for and was trained by Vigliano to manage his agency before starting her own. Before that she was mentored by an endeared Agent, Julian Bach who gave her the push she needed to go forth with telling stories and presenting them to the world. Debra has been an Assistant to Fred Roos who taught her script reading. 

While thriving the Emerald Literary Agency, Debra (in association with Muse Film and MindSky Entertainment) was also an Executive Producer on the movies London Fields and Spring Breakers. Her current television and film production roster includes works that are more socially conscious. She is currently producing stories that impact the world on a humanitarian and global level. She seeks out books, screenplays and scripts that tell unique powerful and impactful stories. She also seeks out autobiographies, cookbooks and works that bring one's personality and experience forth. 
In 1963, a photographer named Gus Coral began photographing a little known band called The Rolling Stones. Debra is the author of "The Rolling Stones: Black and White Blues" which featured Gus' works as the Stones embarked on their first tour. 

In earlier years Debra Rodman was a poet, singer and songwriter who worked with Steve Jordan, Fred Zarr, Jack Waldman, Rick Danko, Scarlett Rivera and Howie Wyeth.

Allen Ginsburg, impressed by Debra's poetry sponsored her at the famous St. Marks Poetry Project in New York's Greenwich Village. Writer Kay Boyle and Poet, Nano Valaoritis mentored her.

A strong activist in the US and Abroad, she is a believer of the world thriving, equally together. She has volunteered her time in soup kitchens (such as Mother Teresa's Soup Kitchen in the Bronx to people in need of home care). She recently founded, built and ran a school academy for 350 underprivileged children in Africa. She also provided a medical clinic and health services for the children and their families.
An Entrepreneur by blood, Debra's Father was a renowned master in world business, including but not limited to shipping, banking, oil and investments. Learning business at the dinner table from an early age, she cultivated a love of business, social and world economics. Debra is the Global Founder of several clothing lines including, Yogini and debraRODMAN. Yogini has lived in major stores all over the world, including Japan, where 5 stores were built. The line debraRODMAN was housed on Prince Street Soho, NYC. The company also sold to hundreds of boutiques as well as major department stores across American, London, Hong Kong, and Japan. J-Lo, Iman, Nicole Kidman, Laura Prepon, Zoe Saldana, Ashley Judd, and Anika Noni Rose wore the line. Debra is also owner of Girlie perfume.​ She is also an avid art collector and dealer both domestically and abroad.

Debra Rodman's company Emerald Literary Agency has represented clients working with Marianne Williamson. She has also worked with Elise D'Haene, writer of Little Mermaid II and other popular authors and works. Emerald Literary Agency represented Robert McKee's STORY, a widely successful published work. Currently she is representing several authors, poets, novelist and writers.

Debra attended San Francisco State University and University of Michigan.

Our Founder: Meet the Team
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